NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

Technical support for you and your customers

Premium support

For customers using NexusCore for VPS or NexusCore for dedicated servers we offer premium ticket support. Free users are exempt from using ticket support.

We offer support for the following question areas:

  1. NexusCore installation / uninstallation
  2. Hosting package configuration
  3. cPanel package configuration
  4. .NET Core webserver
  5. SQL Server 2017
  6. Troubleshooting

Support is not included for:

  1. Questions regarding .NET Core development (application)
  2. Questions regarding .NET Core error messages (application)
  3. Questions regarding SQL Server 2017 SQL Queries
  4. Questions regarding SQL Server 2017 profiling and optimization

We offer consulting for these kind of questions. Please contact us using the contact form for more information.