NexusCore release v1.0

Release notes for v1.0

NexusCore v1.0 is the starter version for the plugin. This contains all of the features to turn your cPanel+WHM server into a shared hosting server for .NET Core hosting accounts. The follow features are available at launch:


  • Simple one-line installer
  • .NET Core hosting accounts can be assigned through WHM
  • SQL Server 2017 for Linux is bundled (optional)
  • WHM Module for server owners to configure NexusCore
  • cPanel plugin available for end-users
  • Auto-update mechanism

WHM Options

  • WHM Plugin available to configure NexusCore
  • Insight in accounts using .NET Core
  • License option
  • Support option
  • Available in 6 languages (EN, ES, PT, RU, DE, NL)
  • Configuration options
  • .NET Core SDK and Runtime information

.NET Core cPanel plugins

  • Application settings
  • SDK information
  • Guides for deployment
  • .NET Core logs
  • Development tools

SQL Server cPanel plugins

  • SQL Server database wizard
  • SQL Server database configuration
  • Guides for tools
  • SQL Server backup and restore
  • Connection string information

cPanel plugin screenshot