NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

NexusCore Launch promotion!

NexusCore launch promotion

After the succesful beta test, NexusCore is now live. This means you are able to use .NET Core on your cPanel+WHM Hosting server to offer .NET Core hosting to your customers. NexusCore comes with a free license for a maximum of 5 accounts.

If you want no restrictions you need a premium license for NexusCore. A premium license allows you to run unlimited dotnet core accounts on your cPanel + WHM server.

We are now offering a launch promotion for 25% off a single purchase that will run until the end of 2018!!

Promotion Requirements:
– You installed NexusCore (free license) on your server;
– You left a review on the cPanel App Catalog ( for NexusCore*
– You created a store account on the NexusCore website (click here to create a store account);
– Fill out the form below to apply for the discount.

We aim to respond within 3 business days with your personal voucher for 25% off!


This promotion is now officially over!