NexusCore Launch promotion!

NexusCore launch promotion

After the succesful beta test, NexusCore is now live. This means you are able to use .NET Core on your cPanel+WHM Hosting server to offer .NET Core hosting to your customers. NexusCore comes with a free license for a maximum of 5 accounts.

If you want no restrictions you need a premium license for NexusCore. A premium license allows you to run unlimited dotnet core accounts on your cPanel + WHM server.

We are now offering a launch promotion for 25% off a single purchase that will run until the end of 2018!!

Promotion Requirements:
– You installed NexusCore (free license) on your server;
– You left a review on the cPanel App Catalog ( for NexusCore*
– You created a store account on the NexusCore website (click here to create a store account);
– Fill out the form below to apply for the discount.

We aim to respond within 3 business days with your personal voucher for 25% off!


This promotion is now officially over!