NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

NexusCore | Deprecation notice

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NexusCore – Deprecation notice

With this post I’m informing you all that NexusCore is to be deprecated at the end of the third quarter of 2021.

In short:

  • Current license holders will keep receiving support.
  • NexusCore will stay available for download in its current form
  • We will make NexusCore available through GitHub for interested parties to take this further at the end of the year.

Some context:

In the start of 2018 I started authoring NexusCore. My love for cPanel and my skills as a .NET Architect allowed me to create a package that would allow cPanel license holders to run .NET Core on their lovely hosting machines.

Thousands of fellow webhosters and developers alike jumped on NexusCore and are using it in production today. With the update of .NET Core (3.1) support was added to keep offering support to those who want to host their applications.

So far so good, I succeeded in my goal, allowing a broader array of hosting companies to offer .NET core hosting without needing the specialized Windows Servers for them.

After a year had passed, cPanel changed their pricing structure, and I saw a steep decline in new users and downloads. I did get requests for help with installation (even for free accounts) that I kept helping get set up just to make it a success.

Me personally won’t stay with cPanel much longer due to their strategic changes in pricing and my opinion of their rate of innovation. This means I will not have a personal need for NexusCore anymore. The amount of license holders sadly doesn’t offset the time needed to make .NET Core ready for the next big thing (SQL 2019, .NET Core 6 LTS).

Hence, NexusCore is being sunset in Q3 2021. This means that no more licenses are available for sale from that moment on. Of course I will keep supporting existing license holders.

The road to sunsetting is as follows:

1st of July 2021:

  • No more licenses will be available for purchase.
  • NexusCore (free) will have no account-limits and can be downloaded from this website.

Q4 2021:

  • NexusCore will move their source code (and subsequent binaries) to github as an open source offering.
  • Developers will be free to fork the product and make something succesful out of it – the repository will not be maintained.
  • NexusCore website will redirect to Github.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the contact form.


– Erik