NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

NexusCore .NET Core for cPanel & WHM

Nexuscore plugin

NexusCore is a plugin for cPanel + WHM that allows you to create .NET Core hosting packages, just like you would create any other hosting packages. It consists out of:

  • WHM Plugin
  • .NET Core cPanel Plugin
  • cPanel Plugin

When the NexusCore plugin is installed, end-users with the .NET Core hosting package will be able to upload their ASP.NET Core web applications through FTP (just like PHP) and run their applications on your hosting platform, just as they would any other php-application.

For you as a WHM-licensee nothing will change. The client is just another client, and the hosting package is just another hosting package. Under the hood many differences are being handled for you. Other differences (especially when it comes to .NET Core and the way it works) can be seen in our “How does it work” page.

Sample web application

When a hosting account is created, a default .NET Core application is loaded in their account. You can modify this page to further customize and tailor the landing page for your user once the hosting account is created.