NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

Beta testing finished

Beta testing finished

NexusCore has finished its beta testing round as of the 24th of September. We’ve gotten huge amounts of feedback and are currently working on preparing NexusCore for launch.

New features after input from beta
After the great beta feedback in the cPanel Slack channel we’ve decided to add a couple of additional features to the NexusCore plugins:

  • Full account backups and restores (including dot net and SQL Server users and databases)
  • Allow end-users to set environment variables for their core application
  • Add additional logging
  • Auto-update the plugin in the future
  • Some more small requests

We are currently preparing NexusCore for release for the first week of december. Sign up for our newsletter in the bottom of this page to be the first to know when we hit release!