NexusCore has been discontinued. Please read more about it in our blog posts.

About us

We are CloudNexus

CloudNexus is an IT Services company based in the Netherlands. We mainly provide consulting services for Microsoft-based products such as Microsoft Azure Solution Development, Microsoft Azure Solution Architecture.

Apart from consulting we also build our own products. One of our products is Adventor – Visitor registration. Adventor is a so-called Software as a Service, targetted at Dutch organisations to record their visitors while confining to the dutch laws on privacy. For more information see the Adventor site (dutch).

NexusCore is a product born out of the shared love for the .NET Core ecysystem and cPanel and WHM. These products are all fantastic to work with, but there wasn’t a solution for working with both products at the same time, hence NexusCore was built to share the best of both worlds.

Let us help you!

Erik J. Hoeksma Fouder & CEO We love building awesome solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem.
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  • Microsoft Certified Solution Specialist
  • Certified Microsoft Azure Solution Architects
  • Consulting services
  • Web development
  • Custom tailored business apps
  • Xamarin Mobile development
  • React Native Mobile Development
  • PHP App maintenance
  • Migration to the Cloud

Our partners

InterServedInterserved is our premier partner for hosting both PHP and .NET Core applications. They offer managed hosting, unmanaged hosting. Please check them out if you are looking for the most cost-effective hosting plans!
TeamValueTeamValue shared their expertise of Microsoft Azure, SQL Server 2017 and .NET Core. They helped tremendously in making NexusCore a success!

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